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Ámelia Stowers
  This is a fairly good Vocal Selection book. Most of the songs from the show are included (everything sung in the “Scrapbook” segment is left out), but other than that, it is complete. My one complaint is that all of the arrangements are for the original versions of the songs (including original key signatures) and in that way, this book does not accurately reflect the music from the show. Another concern is that “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” is written a half-step lower than it is performed (both by Franki Valli and the cast of Jersey Boys) which I can imagine would be frustrating for both musicians and soloists. This book also contains no background vocals. I still play it all the time and I enjoy the music of the Four Seasons very much, but I wish that this could be the actual “Jersey Boys” arrangements.

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  Definitely order based on US sizing and I would suggest ordering 1 size larger. The back pockets are large enough to store what you need to carry. The zipper is on the opposite side of what you would expect.

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